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Visual Magic 2.0: Master GenAI-supported image creation (Midjourney, Stable-Diffusion, Dalle-3)

Explore the transformative power of GenAI image generation in our exciting and hands-on course that introduces you to the pioneers of AI tools - Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly and Dalle-3!

This course acts as your gateway to a world where your creative visions become reality through the power of artificial intelligence. Through an in-depth introduction to professional image creation, you will gain the necessary skills to generate the optimal output with targeted prompts. The focus will be on creating stunning images for marketing campaigns, engaging social media posts and innovative product design through to fine art images.

We reveal tips and tricks for each tool to give your creative process wings. From fine art and people imagery to architectural imagery, this seminar will prepare you to master a wide range of visual projects. The possibilities open to you are limitless. Every click brings you closer to mastering AI-powered image generation that is redefining the landscape of digital design and marketing.

Sign up now and discover the immeasurable creative power of AI-powered image generation in our unique course. Your journey into the exciting future of digital image creation starts here and now. Unleash your creative vision and set new standards in visual communication!



Would you like to hold a course at your company? We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities in a personal meeting.

info@edgewind.chor +41 061 202 77 09 

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