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your partner for the journey into the future

At a time when technology means not only progress but also a head start, the question is: Who will navigate you safely through the digital tomorrow? Edgewind is more than just a name - it's a promise. As your trusted partner in the digital world, we not only bring decades of experience to the table, but also the necessary sensitivity to the market and trends. With our core services - Project Services, Digital Marketing and specialized courses - we are your partner on the digital journey into the future. Let's set the pace together in a market that never sleeps. With Edgewind at your side, the future becomes not only predictable, but shapable. Discover with us the possibilities of tomorrow, today.

About Us


Michel Laubscher & Stefan Büttler (owners)


Edgewind GmbH was founded in 2019 with the aim of offering more than just advice. This is how the company principle came about:

"Beyond Consulting"

Our vision is to offer the customer more than just simple consulting. We see ourselves as an innovative, result-oriented and forward-looking partner who supports his customers in the digital age with sustainable solutions and accompanies them as a competent partner up to and including implementation.

Edgewind GmbH consists of consultants and talents who have various educational focuses and many years of professional experience. We are supported by various partners. The interdisciplinary merger has the great added value for us that we can always link different subject areas with one another and examine them from different perspectives. Contributes to the fact that we constantly receive new approaches and ideas for our work and thus develop holistic solutions.

"We constantly challenge ourselves to bring in new and original ways of thinking"

“We continually challenge ourselves to bring new and original ways of thinking”





Vielen Dank. Wir werden uns bei ihnen melden!

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