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Edgewind courses and workshops

"In our portfolio, we offer a variety of training courses aimed at strengthening your professional skills and preparing you optimally for the demands of the digital era. Our offerings range from specialized technology training such as "Prompt Engineering" to personal development courses, for example on the topic of 'Power ReSet'."

Prompt Engineering for AI image generation for marketing and design

Explore the transformative power of GenAI image generation in our exciting and hands-on course that introduces you to the pioneers of AI tools - Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly and Dalle-3!

This course acts as your gateway to a world where your creative visions become reality through the power of artificial intelligence. Through an in-depth introduction to professional image creation, you will gain the necessary skills to generate the optimal output with targeted prompts. The focus will be on creating stunning images for marketing campaigns, engaging social media posts and innovative product design through to fine art images.

Sign up now and discover the immeasurable creative power of AI-powered image generation in our unique course. Your journey into the exciting future of digital image creation starts here and now. Unleash your creative vision and set new standards in visual communication!


nächste Kurse:

Mi. 17.04.2024 | 17.00 – 21.00 Uhr

Onsite in Basel
Fr. 03.05.2024 | 13.30 – 17.30

Onsite in Zürich
Di 14.05.2024 | 13.30 – 17.30

Texten 2.0: Co-Creation mit GenAI (ChatGPT, Claude AI, etc.)

Unleash the full potential of AI in your content creation process with our course “Texting 2.0: Co-Creation with GenAI”! In this interactive and practical course, we will guide you through the fascinating world of text robots such as ChatGPT,, Bard, and many more. Together we explore the next evolutionary stage of digital marketing, copywriting and content creation, opening doors to an entirely new understanding of these disciplines.

Dive deep into the roles of “AI Prompter & Writer” and experience first-hand how a partnership between your human creativity and the supporting power of artificial intelligence can revolutionize your marketing strategies, text projects and campaigns.


In this course you will learn how to use ChatGPT & Co. can be used optimally with the right prompting to achieve unique results in texts, content creation and marketing strategies.


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Use your pent-up energy positively.


Do you have too much pent-up energy and don't know how to process it? Do you sometimes just want to jump out of your skin? What's exciting is that mentally there isn't much of a difference in terms of energy between a physical fight and a stressful business meeting. We'll show you how to deal with it using simple mental and physical exercises from martial arts. 

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Conscious resilience in everyday business

Two whole days away from work. To clear your head and recharge your battery. 

Resilience in everyday business. With the Mind-ReSet program you get off the thought carousel for two days and become more aware of your energy balance again. You learn the connection between thoughts, emotions and your behavior. In practical exercises and meditations, you will learn how you can slow down and consciously take a step back into your inner center and in connection with yourself.


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“The present leader full of energy brings a team to success”!


Employees' idea of what a leader should be has changed significantly.


Expectations are growing, the need to communicate (virtually) has increased. The latest tools and techniques make a significant contribution to success in everyday business, projects and initiatives in order to act optimally in these changing situations in the digital age. The focus is on the leader because your own energy balance is more important than ever. 


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With the LEGO® Serious Play® method you can support teams, be it in team building, reorganizations, strategy definition, innovations, etc.

We use LEGO® models to playfully encourage new ideas, improve communication and accelerate problem solving.


In our training courses you will learn about the LEGO® Serious Play® method and can moderate your own workshops as a certified facilitator.


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Individual Courses for Companies

Would you like to find out more about our courses and workshops for companies?

We would be happy to inform you about the options in a personal conversation. or +41 061 202 77 09 

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